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Welcome to, my name is Lacie. I am a  graduate of Valdosta State University and former Miss Georgia United States 2013. I was born in Adel, Georgia and raised in Valdosta, Georgia. After graduating from college I relocated to Michigan to be with my husband Nick. I live in a beautiful town that reminds me so much of back home. I have a farm where I raise 12 chickens, three dogs, and a potbelly pig named Mojo. I have a precious baby boy named Atticus and my life is full of adventure in which I try to enjoy every second. .

Many people have asked me the following questions, but if you have one feel free to contact me.

Why did you start blogging?

I started my senior year of college. I have  a very close friend who was battled health issues. She wanted people to know about the problems with not taking care of your body and asked if I would share her story. Once I wrote one blog… I was addicted. 

What is your gym routine? 

I work out five to six times per week. Three days a week I work out with the best trainer in the world, Big Mike, who constantly pushes me to reach new personal goals. The other three days I do cardio. Most of the time I run at least 3 miles or go to the local track to do sprints and stadiums. Working out used to be such a chore, now it’s a habit. 

How did you meet your husband?

Nick and I met on a airplane while I was flying home from Miss United States in July 2013. He will tell you this little southern belle knocked his handsome little butt off his feet. 

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  1. hope you have a great week

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